How does the Instant Syphilis test work?

Our Instant Syphilis test needs a small blood sample. This is usually collected with a finger pricking device (called a lancet).  The blood sample and a solution (buffer) are then added to a test cassette where it will run.

You should wait 14 days since you think you may have contracted syphilis before having this test.

How long do results take?

The test takes around 10 minutes to run.

Can both men and women have this test?

Both men and women can have this test.

What happens if the test is reactive?

If you test positive, we will take a second venous blood sample from your arm and send this to the laboratory for analysis. This follows the Best Practice guidelines and will allow us to find out whether this is a current or past infection. If that test shows a current infection we will write you a private prescription for the antibiotics most suitable for you.

Where can I have this test?

Better2Know can test for Syphilis at clinics across Africa, with Instant testing services at a host of selected locations. 

Syphilis is one of six STIs we can test for with instant results. You can choose which ones you would like to test for.

How can I book?

Simply call our friendly booking team on the number above in the green box. They are available 24/7, or you can book now.