Why Might I Need an HIV Certificate?

Many countries include HIV certificates as part of their visa entry requirements. Better2Know provides HIV certificates to anyone who needs one, including those requiring them for travel or work purposes. Our comprehensive HIV tests and screens are available across Africa, in locations such as Kenya and South Africa. To receive an HIV certificate following your Better2Know test, simply notify our friendly Patient Services team upon booking your appointment.

Countries where an HIV certificate may be required include: China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and most other former Soviet states. This list changes frequently, so please be aware of the respective nations entry requirements before you travel. In addition, many individuals need visas for reasons relating to their profession. These may include gas, oil and off shore workers, certain security personnel and even some sports people, such as boxers. For companies or organisations that would like testing for multiple employees, corporate billing can also be arranged.

If you have any questions relating to HIV testing or certificates, contact our experienced booking team who will be more than happy to help.