The Advantages of Choosing Better2Know

  • 100% Confidentiality. You will not have to give us your real name and results are never shared without your consent.
  • Instant HIV results. Get results in under 30 minutes with our popular Instant testing option. Other results are available within one to five working days, depending on your selected test and location.
  • Located throughout Africa. From Kenya to South Africa, we have hundreds of selected locations across Africa, making it easier than ever to get tested for HIV.
  • First-rate facilities. Our facilities are modern, advanced, and meet the highest international standards.
  • Non-judgmental staff. Our welcoming staff are friendly, experienced and highly discreet.

HIV Testing Options

Better2Know has several HIV testing options, depending on your personal preference and how long ago you may have been exposed to the infection.

As with many STIs, HIV takes time before it can be accurately detected. The time between infection and accurate detection is known as the 'window' or 'incubation' period. We conduct three types of HIV test, which detect the virus at various periods of incubation:

  • For exposures that occurred 10 or more days ago, we have a 10-day HIV RNA PCR test.
  • For exposures that occurred at least 28 days ago, our fourth generation, 28-day HIV DUO test is available.
  • The Instant HIV test is appropriate 26 days after potential exposure, and is available at many of our locations across Africa. The test detects both types of HIV as well as the p24 antigen, with results available within 30 minutes of providing your sample. Contact our Patient Services team today to locate your nearest Instant testing facility.

You may also be familiar with the 90-day HIV antibody test, which is a third generation HIV test. Better2Know does not perform the 90-day test anymore, as it is no longer the best test we can offer you. 

For more information about each testing option and where you can access them, please visit our individual test pages using the links above.