How does the Instant Gonorrhoea test work?

Our Instant Gonorrhoea test is a swab test. We will take a swab (from a woman this will be from your vagina, and for a man from the urethra). This is then mixed with a solution by your clinician to get the result. One line means that the test has run and it is negative. Two lines mean the test has run and it is positive.

You should wait at least 14 days since any potential exposure before having this test.

At your appointment, you will be seen by an experienced clinician who will collect your sample. Our Instant Gonorrhoea test requires a swab sample. For a woman, this will be a vaginal swab, and for a man it will be a urethral swab, a process which can be uncomfortable but not painful.

How long do results take?

The Instant Gonorrhoea test takes around 10 minutes to run.

Can both men and women have this test?

This test is suitable for both men and women. Men may find that the urethral swab is uncomfortable, however the sample collection process is quick.

What happens if I test positive?

If you test positive for Gonorrhoea, we will write you a prescription at this appointment. This private prescription is included in your test fee. If you have one of our laboratory tests you would have to come back to the clinic to get the prescription. Your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic that is right for you.

Where can I have this test?

The Instant Gonorrhoea test is available in:

There are six instant tests available altogether. You can have them all in our Instant Six Screen.

How can I book?

Simply call our friendly booking team on the number above in the green box. They are available 24/7, or you can book now.