How does the Instant HIV test work?

 We use the most advanced instant test available.  There have been significant advancements in instant testing in the last few years, with accurate results now available from a minimum of 26 days post potential exposure with a test that takes 20 minutes.  This tests for both the HIV I and II  antibodies and the p24 antigen.

The Instant HIV test needs a small blood sample to run, this is usually taken from a finger stick. 

How long do results take?

It takes 20 minutes for the results for your Instant HIV test.  You will be invited to wait in the clinic to get your results.

Can both men and women have this test?

The Better2Know Instant HIV test is suitable for both men and women.  

This test is also suitable if you are scared of needles as it only needs a finger stick.

What happens if I test positive?

If your Instant test is reactive, do not worry.  We will take a blood sample from you (at no further cost to you) and send it away for fast analysis at our accredited laboratory.  No diagnosis of HIV will ever be made on the basis of one test.  Better2Know follows international HIV Diagnosis guidelines so that you can be confident of your result when you test with us. 

If your follow up test is positive, we will refer you to our local HIV specialist who will help answer your questions, and help you to get the right tests and treatment for you.

Where can I have an Instant HIV Test?

Better2Know’s Instant HIV testing is available in selected locations across Africa. The test is appropriate just 26 days after an incident of concern and requires a single blood sample, usually taken from the fingertip.

What happens at you my appointment?

At your appointment, your sample will be collected by an experienced clinician, who will run the test while you wait in the clinic. This test is suitable for both men and women, and will detect both types of HIV (type I and type II) as well as the p24 antigen.

A drop of blood from the sample is added to a test strip, followed by a drop of reagent. This process takes less than half an hour, so you should receive your results before leaving the clinic.

How can I book?

Select book now,  or call us today to discover where you can access Instant HIV.