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Sexual Health Testing in Nakuru

Better2Know’s world class STI and HIV testing services are available to you in Nakuru. Our centre is centrally located, and can test you for all the sexually transmitted infections (STIs) you may be worried about. By choosing to test with Better2Know, you will get excellent service and support at convenient testing locations across Africa. You will receive the best and most accurate test results, plus the medical information and consultation you might require should you test positive. We will get you your test results quickly and efficiently and will report them to your own private patient area on our website. When all your results are ready, we will let you know via your preference of phone call, email or SMS message.

STI and HIV Testing in Nakuru

At Better2Know, we understand that deciding to get tested for a sexually transmitted disease or infection can be difficult. Worries about how you might have caught it, or who you might have passed it on to, are important concerns which can weigh heavily on your mind. Our team at Better2Know is here to assist you. We can help you decide which viruses or bacteria to be tested for, and whether to choose one test or a screen of tests to best meet your individual needs.

Our friendly and experienced booking team is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide advice and suggest which tests are right for you. Call us now and get the reassurance and peace of mind you need. Alternatively, you can arrange an appointment in Nakuru online by using the Book Now button above.