HIV Antibody Test

Better2Know does not perform the 90-day antibody test in Africa, as it is no longer the premier test we can offer you.  This test is still commonly used across Africa.  We would suggest you choose the moreadvanced 28-day HIV DUO test. As well as detecting antibodies, the DUO test looks for the p24 antigen. If you have been advised to retest three months after your initial result, the HIV DUO test is appropriate for you.

Antibodies represent the immune system’s response to disease. If you have been infected with HIV, your body will produce antibodies that are typically detectable after three months. The p24 antigen is a viral protein that forms most of the viral core. Serum concentrations of p24 are high in the first few weeks after infection. This means that tests which are sensitive to p24 antigen, are useful in the diagnosis of an early infection while antibody levels remain low.